Sunrise Yoga at Tranquil Space

Do you cringe at the thought of a 7 AM or (gasp!) 6:45 AM yoga class?  Are you worried that your stiff morning body will betray you, making the trip to your mat so early in the day a waste of time?  I used to be like you!  That is until I took on two 6:45 shifts at our Arlington studio earlier this year, arriving at 6:15 to turn the heat on, light the incense and help a handful of yogis get their day started off right.  I started taking those early classes, too, and quickly learned to appreciate all they have offer – smaller classes, more assists, and knowing all day long that “exercise” has been checked off my list.  I encourage anyone who has not been before to try an early class at either studio!

Some of our Arlington regulars share why these classes are so important to them:

“I bought a condo and moved further away, so I couldn’t make the primetime classes. Initially the early am classes were a product of efficiency – I work 5 blocks away, so it was easy to get a practice in and still get to work early (which my boss loved!). After a few months though, I noticed that a morning practice helped me stay calmer and more balanced throughout a hectic workday. And, there’s a moment during practice when the sun begins to rise and the activity level starts to pick up outside that I find absolutely beautiful. The world is just starting and I’m where I want to be the most – on my mat, doing my thing. It’s definitely not without sacrifice though – my body isn’t as open in the morning as it is at night, it can be frustrating to not go as deep into poses, and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m understanding my edge or just being lazy. But I’ve learned to respect my body so much more as a result.” – Ursula Evans

“There is nothing better than being able to carry that spacious calm throughout the whole day.  It’s such a great way to carve out that bit of time right, first thing in the morning, to focus on myself, and putting my serenity before the work, kids, general noise (albeit happy noise) of daily life.  It’s more efficient bc I only need one shower and I’m much less likely to get hijacked by other things than a lunch or after work class.  I love the incense, the low lights and the lavender aromatherapy.  I walk taller all day.  The intention I set establishes direction for my whole day” – Alicia Prather

“I love early morning yoga at Tranquil Space. It’s just the best way to start the day. Once we change back to EST, 6:45 am won’t seem quite SO early…” – Deena Rolls

“If I wasn’t in the morning yoga class I would probably not get out of bed until about the time the class is over and feel just as tired as I was when I woke up at 6am, this way I get more out of my mornings and my day. I’ve also found that as I began to practice in the mornings more regularly it became easier and easier to wake-up for class and I was excited to get up. It’s much easier for me to get up for yoga opposed to an early meeting or getting to campus early. I enjoy yoga and think it’s beneficial to start the day with something you enjoy doing. Also just in terms of the stretching and poses in the morning help to wake my body up so that I’m not stiff from sleeping and being still so long. 

I love walking out of the AM class with the sun having risen after arriving in the dark, a new day has dawned and I am ready to tackle it. Everyday is a fresh start and I like the peacefulness of yoga to bring me into my own and keep an open outlook on where that new day will take me.” – Alyson Latham


(image courtesy of navin sarma photography)

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  1. Alex

    November 1, 2012 at 3:33pm

    Loved this ! Reminded me why I get out of bed for an early morning class atleast once a week (try to !) :) Thanks !

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