Preparing for A Tranquil Birth at TSA

This coming Saturday (11/17), Barbara Jazzo, a prenatal massage therapist, certified childbirth educator, and long time meditator & yoga practitioner, will be teaching Preparing for A Tranquil Birth at TSA. Join Barbara from 5-7pm to learn how to prepare for labor and childbirth in a calm and peaceful way. A note from Barbara is below:

I have been teaching comfort measures and the tranquil birth class for over 5 years, and I love doing so. It gives me the opportunity to work with pregnant couples so that they can truly understand how different labor positions can help move the baby into an optimal place for his/her birth.   I am passionate about using meditation and breathing to help couples ease their anxiety about the birth process and their fear of pain so they can have an easier and/or more satisfying experience.  I like to end the class with as much hands on massage instruction as possible because massage can ease the discomforts of both pregnancy and labor for mom.  I am always filled with joy when I hear from those I have taught that using the breathing or meditation or the positions had really helped them get through the delivery.    

The full workshop description and pricing information can be found below:

Come and learn how to prepare for labor and childbirth in a calm and peaceful way. We will discuss fundamental information about the labor and childbirth process, including birthing positions and coping strategies. We will then explore how various components of our yoga practice, postures, breath, and meditation can ease the birthing process. Through hands-on partner activities, we will practice additional comfort measures and also learn how to support a woman with epidural analgesia. This is ideal for women and their partners or support persons. $40 for individuals, members pay $34; if you register online $35, members pay $29.75. For couples $65, members pay $55.25, if you register online $60, members pay $51.

You can sign up for this workshop online here.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for A Tranquil Birth at TSA

  1. MOrtiz

    November 17, 2012 at 4:02pm

    Will this class be offered again in the spring? We are expecting in may and I’d like to take this class closer to the birth. Thank you.

    • Tim Mooney

      November 18, 2012 at 5:11pm

      We frequently offer the preparing for birth workshop, so there should be another opportunity for you! These almost always sell out with a waiting list, so be sure to check the schedule!

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