New Boutique Item: Salve Sister Organic Skincare

 Next time you are browsing our boutiques be sure to check out our new eco-friendly, fair trade skincare products from Salve Sister. Started in 2012 by former TS Yogi Mary Ashby Brown, Salve Sister, invests in small farmers, particularly women, and uses only raw, unprocessed and naturally powerful botanicals to create its line of skincare products. Mary Ashby spent two years contacting local farmers and small businesses, researching fair-trade organizations and agricultural cooperatives providing much needed income for these farmers and creating opportunities to reduce poverty.


Above: the jars are packaged in organic hemp silk handsewn bags by Mary Ashby.

We had a chance to catch up with the social-entrepreneur, Mary Ashby, through the survey below:
When & Why did you start Salve Sister?



I started Salve Sister following a couple years of brainstorming ideas for a social entrepreneurship focused on economic development & women’s issues.  I used to sit on the subway in NYC to and from work and draw diagrams and plot ideas.  New York was the perfect incubator for me.  It was tough in a lot of ways, but the aloneness combined with the creative & entrepreneurial energy of the city was a great kick-starter.  And, I am obsessed with beauty & skincare products – it’s the Southern girl in me.


Next travel destination on your list?


I’d love to take a road trip out to southern New Mexico and Arizona and try to track down jojoba seeds either grown or harvested by local communities.  Investing in and working with small farmers to develop added value by-products of common crops and wild botanicals – like plant oils – is so exciting to me.


What is one unique thing about Salve Sister people don’t know?


The name is inspired by my sister and the healing strength of the bonds between women.


Your favorite yoga pose?  


Pigeon – especially an assisted pigeon!  :-)


Your favorite thing about Tranquil Space?


The wonderful, amazing, kind, supportive & inspirational teachers, and the incredible, sweet friends I’ve met through Tranquil Space: Ali S., Amy C., and Amanda S., to name a few!. <3


To learn more about Salve Sister, please visit:

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