Join TS on Sunday in the Race to End Women’s Cancer

Dear Friends,

I am taking the lead in organizing this year’s Tranquil Space team in the National Race to End Women’s Cancer. This effort is personally important to me, as I lost my mom, Sheila, to ovarian cancer when she was just 58 and I was 27. People always said my mom was magical. She had a famous magic wand that brought positive energy to those around her. She had friends of all ages, all walks of life. She was a kindergarten teacher for 35 years in an inner-city school and woke up every day with a smile. She loved food, golf and jokes (though she could never remember the punch line). And, she loved her kids, always putting us before herself. She was taken far too soon.

Today, I am turning 36 and because I always felt like birthdays should be celebrated more by moms rather than by children, I am celebrating her, and I am asking you to join me in celebrating the women in your life who you love by signing up to run an 8K or walk 1 mile with our team on November 4th. (You can also sleep in and donate;)

To join me, please go to: and be sure to sign up for the Tranquil Space team. Visit us on Facebook at:

Hope to see you there!

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