What Makes A Yogi Advanced?

What makes a yogi “advanced“?

Does it mean that you can “air surf” by transitioning from one arm balance to the next without ever touching your feet to the ground? Does it mean that you never come into child’s pose? Does it mean that you can literally “float” through the air as you jump forward and back? Does it mean that you can meditate for 2 hours without your mind wandering at all?

In my mind, no. I believe that an “advanced” yogi is someone who isn’t afraid to try new things, to challenge themselves both on and off of the mat; someone who is trying to truly live their yoga and make positive changes on a daily basis. When it comes to the physical asana practice, I think that advanced yogis know their bodies and know how to take care of them (work with injuries, props, etc.) while still challenging themselves by pushing towards their edge, experimenting with their body and their abilities, and working to enjoy each pose as they take things deeper–in a kind, non-harming, non-competitive type of way.

What do you think makes a yogi “advanced”? No matter what your definition of this word in relationship to your yoga practice, if you’re interested in challenging yourself and playing with taking your practice to the next level, join me for a 1.5 hour Yoga 3 practice at TSA this weekend.

This advanced asana workshop will be structured similarly to a regular Tranquil Space class, but will include time to play with a number of advanced poses and transitions. The class will be sequenced so that students who are comfortable in both Yoga 2 & Yoga 3 classes are welcome and encouraged to attend in order to take their practice up a notch. Students should have some interest in working with arm balances, inversions, and advanced transitions, but should also just be willing to experiment and play. To attend, students should be regular Yoga 2 participants. Not appropriate for beginners. $30, members pay $25.50; register online for $25, members pay $21.25.

Hope to see you there! Lets challenge ourselves together :)


Mary Catherine

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