Wedding Season at TSA!

Please join us in celebrating with these SIX lovely brides from the TSA team who have all tied the knot in the last few months.  We asked each of them to share a photo and special moment from their special day.  Congratulations to all!

Lindsay Kramer (Thursday evening SA):  Paul and I had a wonderful wedding with our family and friends, despite it being the day after the derecho hit DC.  While Paul went back home to check on our house, I went to Kevin’s 9:00 am in Dupont which was a positive and uplifting start to the wedding day.  Although it wasn’t the sunny 85 degree day that we had hoped for, we had so much fun at our wedding and are still talking about it now.

Jennifer Hamilton Boler (TS Teacher):  There are so many special moments that come with having all of your nearest and dearest in one place for one night; it’s tough to name just one!  I loved the happy chaos that came with having our 13 little nieces and nephews in our wedding ceremony and running around at the reception.  They were adorable and kept everyone smiling, dancing and laughing all night long.

Yoga is such an important part of my life, but in the midst of planning a wedding, it proved to be as essential for my health, well being and sanity as food, water and sleep.  In the months leading up to our wedding, I took classes at Tranquil Space whenever possible which helped me to feel relaxed, calm and grounded for the big day.  Ahhh, Tranquil Space, I couldn’t have done it without you.



Laura Tutino McCloskey (Wednesday AM SA):  Yoga played an extremely integral part in my life in the weeks, even months, leading up to my wedding.  Even though everything had been set up early, issues did arise as the wedding day got closer and classes at Tranquil Space were the best break from it all, if only for an hour at a time.  I always felt so much better after class and had a better attitude when it came to planning and organizing every detail of our big day.  One of my favorite parts of our wedding day was taking a horse-drawn carriage ride after our ceremony.  We got married in the old city section of Philadelphia and it was so nice to have a few moments with each other before celebrating the rest of the night with our family and friends!







Sarah Cady Lee (Friday PM TC): My family friend and yoga teacher led yoga on the beach for us on the morning of my wedding!  It was amazing.



Katie Kerstetter (TS Teacher):  My yoga practice helped me to stay grounded in the weeks before my wedding and helped me to enjoy all the beautiful moments – small and large – on our big day!


Mary Catherine Starr (TS Teacher):  In the weeks leading up to my wedding, yoga was an absolute necessity (it always is, but I began to need it in an entirely new way as the big day approached!). We had our wedding in Atlanta, so sadly, I wasn’t able to practice at my yoga hOMe in the final week before the wedding, but I took classes at my favorite studio in Atlanta almost every day in the time that I was away. I also had a bridesmaid (who is a teacher) teach a special class at the hotel on the morning of the wedding, and I believe that this class is one of the major reasons that I was able to be such a tranquil, present, happy bride. Yoga teaches us how to handle stress, how to breathe deeply, and how to soak up every moment and be grateful for the present–all of which was a HUGE help on my wedding day and led to it being one of the best days of my life. Thanks to the entire TS cOMmunity for all of your well wishes, advice, and congratulations! I’m so thankful to have such a fabulous support system as I embark on life as a married woman.



Congratulations on your engagement, Megan and Alex!


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