Get Ready to Jump Into Yoga 2…

Ready? For those who have been dying to try a Yoga 2 class at Tranquil Space, but want to be sure that you’re prepared before taking the plunge, now’s your chance to brush up on the level 2 basics! Join Mary Catherine at Tranquil Space Arlington this weekend for one of our workshop staples, “Jump Into Yoga 2.” All of the details about this fabulous workshop are below, and you can sign up online here

When? Saturday from 5-7:30pm

Where? Tranquil Space Arlington

Who? YOU!

Description: A workshop designed to assist students in finding their core strength, learning how to engage it and take their practice to a new level. We will focus on how to use this strength for chaturanga, headstand, and jumping into chaturanga and forward fold. There will be time to explore bakasana (crow) and the beginning of sirsasana (headstand). Please bring your own mat if you have one, a water bottle, hand towel and any questions you have.

$40, members pay $34; if you register online $35, members pay $29.75.

One thought on “Get Ready to Jump Into Yoga 2…

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    October 30, 2012 at 10:03am

    I’ve taken up yoga, and although i don’t jump about, when i’m holding poses, my heart rate increases, and i get tired and hot.

    I know it’s probably not as benificial as a cardio workout, but how close is it?

    Would i be able to do yoga everyday and keep fit and toned?[my yoga session is about 1hr-1hr30mins long]

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