Face Your Fears and Soar to New Heights

I love arm balances.  I wish I could say it’s because I have always been fearless, but that isn’t so.  Looking back on my childhood, I developed a major fear of falling- I was scared of riding horses, learning to ride my bike AND getting off of ski-lifts while skiing.  All stemming from personal experiences or things I had witnessed that left my 6 year old self scared to death of falling and getting hurt, telling my parents, I will NEVER EVER do that. Thank you very much.  As I grew up, I eventually conquered this fear but it did take time.  Similarly, arm balances on our yoga mats can be equally as rattling and terrifying- after all, we are turning our world upside down. Maybe you’ve crashed or have seen a neighbor fall while trying one, or maybe, like me, you just have a fear of falling.  Yet, similar to so many other aspects of our yoga practice, we have all learned that working through challenges on the mat, no matter how small, can leave us feeling empowered, confident and renewed.  After all, the challenges we face on our mats help to prepare us for the challenges we face in life.

Join me this Saturday for an arm-balancing playshop.  In this safe environment, we’ll stretch and strengthen the body, apply tools we have already learned on the mat as well as develop some new ones to help de-mystify arm balances.  Woven into our fun and playful vinyasa practice, we’ll spend time breaking down each of the crow poses.  For those of you comfortable with arm balances, we’ll work to refine and develop your gravity-defying practice.  Through patience, humility and a sense of humor, we will all develop the courage to leave our fears behind and soar to new heights!

All of the details about the workshop are below. Hope to see you there!


Flow and Fly Workshop
Saturday, November 3, 5:00-7:00 PM
Tranquil Space Arlington

Ready to soar? In this workshop, we will flow through a fun and vigorous practice focusing on the important elements of taking flight. We will spend time exploring arm balances in deeper detail, focusing on Bakasana (crow), Parsva Bakasana (side crow), Galavasana (flying crow), and Eka Pada Bakasana (one legged crow) as well as play with transitioning in and out of tripod headstand from bakasana and parsva bakasana.

This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students and will be a vinyasa practice with time to explore each arm balancing pose listed above. $35, members pay $29.75; register online for $30, members pay $25.50. Sign up online here.

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