What’s Your Yoga Story?

Almost all of us have a yoga story–a story that describes what brought us to the practice, what kept us coming back, how it has changed our daily life, our mentality, or our stress levels–and for many of us, this story is a part of why we come back to the mat, time and time again. If you have a yoga story like this, and you’d be willing to share with us, we want to hear it!
How has your practice at Tranquil Space made a difference in your life, or empowered you to make a difference in the lives of others? How has your practice inspired you, helped you to grow, or helped you through a hard time? If you have a story that you’d like to tell our team, please send it to mystory@tranquilspace.com by Friday, October 12th. You can submit your story in any way that feels right for you–written, via video, in images, or as an audio file. 

Thanks for participating and for making our yoga cOMmunity so special :)

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