Tranquil Space App 2.0 preview

Have you downloaded the free Tranquil Space app for your iOS device yet? It helps let you schedule on the fly and keep you on top of your classes… but there are a whole host of improvements and added features coming soon! Our app developers are about to roll out all sorts of exciting upgrades in the next 3 weeks or so…

  • Push Notifications: Exclusive classes and offers… studio updates (winter closures, etc.)… all pushed to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Speed improvements:  Our developers say the TS app will be 10 times faster than slogging through the web interface!
  • Social Share:  Share your visits to Tranquil Space with your followers and friends.
  • Book A Class:. Sync your class bookings to your Calendar app.
  • Cancel A Class: Something pops up at work and you can’t make it? No need to call, just tap cancel!
  • Purchase Classes: Purchase classes directly through the app menu.
  • My Account section: All of the sections you’re used to seeing on the website… My Classes, My Visits, My Info all arrive on the app, plus you can manage your MindBody account from the app itself.
  • Staff profiles: More info on the teachers you’ll be taking before you come to class!
Version 2.0 of the Tranquil Space app should be available before the trees drop all of their leaves, and best of all it will also be available for the low low price of free! The still-very-cool current version of the Tranquil Space App is available right now if your iPhone or iPad is missing the TS goddess icon on its home screen… check it out, save some time and tap out your class bookings before you get your yoga on!

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