Congratulations Laura!

Yet another of our illustrious graduates has completed her Advanced Teacher Training thesis. Her thoughtful reflections are below.
When I first signed up for advanced training at Tranquil Space, I thought I knew what I was getting into, having completed my 200-hour training at the studio.  And yet it was much more than I expected, as it unraveled so many new threads of knowledge, that I think I’ll spend the rest of my lifetime trying to piece them together. 
The advanced training program gifted me a tight-knit community of other teachers, all smart and curious about all that is yoga.  I am so glad to have these other teachers in my life, to share thoughts with, and learn together, even after the official training is complete. Advanced training also challenged me to ask “why” to myself more often.  I felt pretty comfortable with “how” to teach an asana class, but why was I teaching certain poses here and now, why a certain way, why do we even do these practices… This inquisitive nature cultivated by training has shaped my teaching and my understanding of yoga. 
The final thesis I completed this weekend was the result of a relatively recent venture into pranayama (“expansion of the life force”, with breathing exercises as the means).  Within my personal sadhana, or spiritual practice, some of the most exhilarating and profound moments I’ve had were when I was truly with my breath, either in an asana class or a pranayama workshop.  These experiences were perhaps minutely akin to the ones famous yogis write about, involving electrical currents coursing through the body and such.  Even these brief micro-moments were beyond words.  So, I wanted to know what this pranayama thing was all about. The workshop I presented was a review of my initial learnings and I am excited to continue the inquiry.
Thank you to all my teachers, friends, and students, for your support over the past year!

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