Congratulations, Carol!

Carol is our most recent Advanced Teacher Training graduate. Here are her thoughtful reflections on the program:

I took the two year track for the Advanced Teacher Training program at Tranquil Space.  As a mom I needed to find the time to fit the workshops and training into my schedule.  I couldn’t afford to take the time off from work, nor did I want to take time away from my family to study a month or more with programs and teachers in other parts of the country.  Tranquil Space has been my yoga community for 10 years and I’m glad I’ve continued to nurture those ties through this program.  As a teacher and an evolving yogi I needed time to focus in on what direction I wanted my path to take.  I am interested in so many layers of the yoga world:  energy work, anatomy, philosophy, meditation, spirituality, kirtan, yoga for babies, yoga for new moms, yoga for pregnancy, yoga and psychology, yoga therapeutics, yoga research, the business of yoga.  I think I could go on.   I wanted time and a little kick in the tush to read some books that had been sitting on my shelves for years.  I wanted time and good reason to take weekend trips away and learn from teachers from other areas of the country. I now have subscriptions to Yoga Therapy Today and IAYT magazines.  I regularly visit Yoga U,  an on-line learning forum for yoga.  This training has helped me feel more grounded in my profession.  It’s given me confidence in my style of teaching.  It’s helped me to be more informed about yoga’s potential future in our healthcare system. I highly recommend this training.  You can make it your own.

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