Congrats to the Beautifully Inspired TT1 Grads!

Thank you to the beautiful and inspired TT1 grads of Fall 2012: Kendy, Emma, Shannon, Claire, Amy, Darlena, Bobbie, Shawn, Missy, Erin, Jennifer, and Tiffany. You ALL did such an amazing job with your teacher training group. You embodied mindfulness, compassion, curiosity, clarity, and an authentic dedication to deepening your practice. I am truly impressed an honored to have worked with each of you. In your teaching you inspired empowerment, strength, and conscious sensitivity.  I’m contented you decided to explore the service of yoga. I hope this is the beginning of a life-long yoga journey . . . I look forward to working with some of you in TT2 . . .

Love and light!
And what’s this silliness? I dare say that never before have the behind the scenes pictures of TT been publicly posted – until now, it seems! You are witness to the prana explosion of what teacher training does to your asana … yogis gone wild, I say!!!

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