Class Prices at TS Change Today

Hello Friends!

As shared in July, today begins our new class pricing at Tranquil Space. Our prices have remained unchanged since 2008, and since then we’ve worked hard to bring you the best possible yoga experience. As the economy has shifted, so must we – but only slightly!

Class pass prices have increased effective today by approximately $1 per class, less if you purchase a 6- or 10-class pass, and not at all if you are a Tranquil Space member.

Here’s the breakdown:
1 on-the-go class – $15
10 on-the-go classes – $139 ($13.90/class)

1 class – $19
6 classes* – $104 ($17.33/class)
10 classes* – $159 ($15.90/class)
*No expiration dates on class passes

Membership prices will remain the same:
Monthly: $125/month
We  strive to provide superior classes and service – something we call the Tranquil Space Experience. We dearly value our cOMmunity and seek to exemplify that through our many unique offerings:

* Eco-friendly boutique filled with local artists’ creations

* Complimentary amenities: organic tea, cookies, showers, mat storage, mints, hair ties, iPhone app

* Remarkable and gifted handpicked Tranquil Space-trained teachers

* Cozy, aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment

* Community events such as book club and others to support causes including our own non-profit

We look forward to continuing to provide the exceptional classes and service you’ve come to know and love. Thank you for being part of our Tranquil Space cOMmunity! Namaste.

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