Building cOMmunity & Sharing in Creativity

All images courtesy of Lisa Calandriello

Do you knit, crochet, or do any other needlecraft projects? Would you like to get together periodically with some of your fellow TS yogis and yoginis to share in each other’s creativity, pick up tips and tricks to enhance your skills, and get to know one another off the mat? We are looking to put together a needlecraft/creativity gathering that would meet periodically to do all these things.
I picked up knitting needles for the first time when my grandmother was sharing her wisdom with me, more than 2 decades ago. It was something she and I could share, too bad I put the sticks down nearly as fast as I picked them up. About two and a half years ago, I decided to pick up knitting again and I’ve had so much fun re-learning the basics and beginning to explore more challenging patterns and designs. It’s also been a nice way for me to connect with my grandmother. In the winter of 2011, I was the girl almost every Saturday and Sunday before a long day of TT in the tea lounge sitting with some knitting project. And I have fun getting together with my friends who knit periodically to catch up, share in each other’s creativity, and enhance my skills. I’m hoping to do the same with the Tranquil Space community.
If you are interested in participating in a needlecraft/creativity gathering, leave a comment on this post or e-mail Lisa at Logistics of gatherings will be determined based on the interest from our Tranquil Space community.

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