Yogi of the Month: Rose Greenlee

Thank you Tranquil Space for this honor.
I began my intrepid practice many years ago at the studio on P. St. Still not sure what gave me the “guts” to try it out one cold night after a long day of work. Wasn’t even sure if I would go back but I had bought a 3-class pass just in case and did not want to waste the money! Well, I went back, and back again. After the third class I decided I could get my body coordinated enough to begin a steady practice. The teachers were most encouraging and helpful, especially with alternative suggestions for a difficult pose (tight hips). That caring and dedication is what has kept me coming to Tranquil Space for these many years. As I traveled this journey, I encouraged my husband, Rob, to begin his practice and a daughter began her practice a year ago. I have practiced in many cities on travel but I’m always happy to come home to Tranquil Space, DC. As an extra bonus for this recognition, September is my birth month. It is my pleasure to be a part of this community.

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