Team Player of the Month: Katy Brox

Favorite part of yoga?
The physical and mental challenge each practice presents

Where did you grow up?  
Manchester-by-the-sea, Massachusetts

Favorite book?
The Great Gatsby

Favorite food?
I don’t eat meat but I adore seafood.

Favorite restaurant in DC/VA/MD? 
Black Salt

Dream vacation or favorite vacation you’ve ever been on?
I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a year and traveled throughout Europe and had the time of my life, but I think my trip to Sonoma, CA with my boyfriend two years ago has been my favorite vacation to date. 

Favorite yoga pose and why?

I love half moon because I will probably never be in a perfect half moon but I love trying to get a little bit closer.

Favorite holiday?

Favorite album or artist?
I love Passion Pit. I recently went to their show outside on the waterfront in Boston with one of my sisters her best friend and my best friend and it was beyond an amazing night!

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