Congratulations, Mary Catherine!

Our Arlington Studio Director and resident Picasso, just completed Advanced Teacher Training! We’ve posted her thoughtful reflections below.

My ATT experience has been a wonderful one. When I signed up for the training last year, I was in a bit of a lull in terms of my growth as a teacher. I had been teaching for about 1.5 years, and had finally gotten rid of the nerves associated with walking people through yoga sequences, but had fallen into a rut where I felt like I had plateaued in terms of my knowledge. There were so many places that I could grow and develop as a teacher of yoga at that time–I was craving more anatomical knowledge of the body, more understanding of injuries, a better grasp on yogic philosophy and pranayama, and was yearning to challenge and push myself in my class sequencing and in the way I thought about teaching. A year later, I feel that ATT has given me all of this and so much more. Not only was it a chance to begin to push and challenge myself, but it was also a really amazing touch-point and support system for my journey as a developing teacher. Each month after our weekend of training, I would have the chance to immediately put what I learned to use in my classes during the following week. Similarly, through the thesis project, I was able to hone in on an aspect of teaching and practicing that is really important to me (Yoga & Body Image), and had time to go much deeper with this subject, developing a couple of various projects and workshops around this topic and beginning a journey with this topic that I feel has only just begun. I felt completely supported by my mentor, the teaching staff, and all of the other teachers who were enrolled in the program, and am extremely happy that I took the plunge last year. Thank you so much to all who helped me along the way! 

Mary Catherine

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