Congratulations Alice!

Alice just completed her 500-hour Advanced Teacher Certification. Here is what she had to say…

Tranquil Space’s ATT program constantly inspired and challenged me.  I left each intensive weekend excited to teach the next day, full of fresh perspectives, tools, and knowledge. The wide range of teachers, my supportive peers, and the diverse topics of study fulfilled exactly what I was craving more of in my quest to continue this path of learning so that I may be a more well-rounded teacher.  I felt I owed that to the students who attend my classes, and to myself.  I gained confidence and have been able to tap in deeper to my authentic voice and teaching style.  I liked that the program includes different points of view, so that, ultimately, it is up to us as teachers (and students!) to decide what resonates within and teach from that place.  I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers and peers for making this experience so fulfilling.

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