Congrats to Lisa for Completing Her ATT Thesis!!

I want to send a big thanks to all from the Tranquil Space community who attended my Yoga & Creativity workshop on the 11th. The support and interest shown meant a lot to me and eased any anxieties that I walked into the studio with that day. And your active participation and open minds made for great discussion and an incredible energy that I’m still carrying with me. So thank you and I look forward to seeing you all in classes and around the studio again soon.
Advanced Teacher Training has been an incredible and sometimes overwhelming experience. It has helped me to find my authentic teaching voice and come more in my teaching style, while enhancing my overall awareness. I find that stylistically, I like to have fun with my flow, steering clear, whenever possible, of the expected transitions and I love to give anatomy cues that help to give my students the experience I strive for in each pose. Philosophically, ATT has broadened my understanding of all things yoga. From the sessions on Tantra with Kristin to the discussions of philosophy with Hari, I was able to find elements that resonated with me and who I am. It’s knowledge that I craved and that I still need time to fully digest. I also learned so much more about the chakras and the energy system, which I thoroughly enjoyed bringing into my thesis workshop.
I have learned a lot and I see that my teaching continues to evolve, my approach when coming to my own mat has changed, and my ability to let certain things go has changed. I am still at the beginning of this journey and look forward to seeing where this path leads. -Lisa

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