Congrats to Christine and Colby!!!

We are proud to announce our newest graduates of the Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) at Tranquil Space. Christine Saladino and Colby Cooper have just finished the program with their final workshop: Demystifying Private Yoga Sessions. We wish them well as they transition into the next phase of their yoga careers and new locales. You are both an inspiration.Thank you for deepening your wisdom of yoga and stoking wisdom of the heart. Om Shanti, Namaste, -Kevin

Here is what they have to say about their experience…

Words from Colby:
ATT exposed me to teachers with various backgrounds. I think that exposure helped to shape and refine my current teaching style. My awareness and knowledge of yoga is an evolutionary process and several key teachers in this program contributed strongly to that evolution. I gained new insights into the practice and was challenged by some of the teachings as they didn’t match my world view. Ultimately, I think this training helped to instill a confidence in me to always teach my truth. Before the training, I would feel obligated to teach what was popular or what I saw other teachers do. Now I feel like I’ve established my voice and have let go of some of the insecurities that I used to have.

Words from Christine:
This training has had an exceptional impact on my life, for many reasons:
1)     Beautiful community of fellow yoga teachers whom I know I can reach out to with questions, to bounce ideas off of and for inspiration
2)     Teachers (local and afar) who came to teach us, who brought an abundance of passion for yoga and teaching as well as their unique perspective with an open heart and open mind willing to share all they could to help each of us become better teachers.
3)     Confidence Booster ~ After completing the 200 hour raining, I did not feel completely confident in my yoga knowledge base. This training helped to catapult my transformation providing a setting to sink into the knowledge of the teachers surrounding and spend time understanding the philosophical concepts, the deeper anatomical cues, feel good assists, the secret to sequencing and appreciating we all have our own unique skills we bring to the table.
4)     Well Rounded ~ This program is excellent providing a well rounded program introducing the participants to various teachers and teaching styles, book recommendations as well as encouraging exploration during our Thesis across broad concepts.
5)     My OM evolved! I noticed it myself about 6 months ago, with a deeper understanding of my breath and the meaning and impact of chanting on the body (thanks to this training)….and a little bit of confidence and practice, my OM is confident and authentic.

In the end, as I said after teacher training levels 1 and 2…I still feel this is just the beginning of deeper exploration. With each passage of training, with each piece of knowledge gained, I realize that there is more to learn, more to embrace,deeper breadth to life, yoga and teaching; to explore and experiment with. I am grateful for the beautiful, insightful weekends with teachers who exposed their hearts, were completely supportive of each other and provided open and honest feedback.

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