Back to School Specials

September is here and it’s back to work, school and the daily grind. Hope your summer was full of fun, sun and delight and that the change of the season will usher in a fruitful practice. To facilitate this, the boutique item of the month is mats.  Purchase any yoga mat in the month of September and receive a 15% discount. (Discounts do not stack.)

A yoga mat is an essential and personal part of your practice.  You are free to choose a particular color, thickness/grip, material and brand which fits your specific tastes or vibe.  Check out our selection and pick one that matches you.

Speaking of mats, Jade Yoga plants one tree for every mat sold.  Tranquil Space was just presented with a certificate that states there have been 1622 trees planted on the studios behalf.  So keep buying mats and save the planet.

In addition to the boutique item of the month, we have a special promotion for our members (annual, semi-annual and month-to-month).  Our first ever End of Summer Member Sale will run from September 9th through the 15th where you’ll be able to have one boutique item at 30% off the original price. Watch your email for details.

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