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 Image provided by Gianna Biscontini

Recently, I visited Tranquil Space in Dupont to stock up on their beautifully original thank you cards. I was happily met with the familiar calmness of my local yoga studio when a voice interrupted my midday daze.
“Are you on your lunch break?”
A lunch break, what was that? I took a second to register the question… I hadn’t had a lunch break in nearly a year.
“No, actually,” I said through a smile, “I’ve just come from an interview.”
Mary Catherine Starr patiently listened and smiled back in understanding as I went on to explain leaving my former government job for something more fulfilling. In the meantime I’d started my own photography company, which turned out to be a life-changing and surprisingly successful venture into my creative self. We continued to share our experiences of leaving one style of life for another.
After a few moments she said, “You know, we have a lot of women here with stories like yours.”
I jokingly suggested that I should conduct interviews and make a book of inspiring stories to share with others. A few weeks later, I realized it wasn’t such a bad idea.
We are faced daily with opportunities to learn from and become inspired by those around us. Stories of great independence and daring actions taken to enhance our lives need not be limited to heroines in history or those who accumulate great wealth (although I do have my personal historical heroines.) In a city that doesn’t exactly scream “inspiration” and with the current economic climate, I believe we can manipulate the occasion in a positive way and realize that not only are we poised to take chances and shine our light, but we are also in the position to inspire others with the very example of our own actions.
My project to collect and examine the stories of women in my community begins at Tranquil Space, my source of inspiration and creativity being set into motion. Please share yours with me at LiveYourYogaDC@gmail.com. Submissions are greatly appreciated and may be used in a future publication featuring inspiring life stories of women within a local community.

-Gianna Biscontini is a local photographer, yogi, traveler and Associate Behavior Consultant working with children on the autism spectrum. She has previously written for national publications such as Exceptional Parent magazine and has worked within a variety of settings analyzing human behavior. She is a member of Tranquil Space and has practiced yoga since 2002. 

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  1. A. Lynden Rolland

    August 21, 2012 at 7:00pm

    Love this! What an amazing and inspiring idea- I cannot wait to read what you compile!

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