Presenting Our Conquerors!

Congratulations to our June 21 Day Challenge Conquerors! These folks impressively completed 21 consecutive days of yoga here at Tranquil Space. Here’s a sampling of what they took away from their experience: 
“I love the 21 day challenge, it’s just what my practice needed and I’m feeling very energized and strong!”

Yay! It was so fun, and now I have super-strong arms! :)”

I just really appreciated the chance to commit to my practice.  There was many a day the past few weeks when exhaustion would have kept me from the studio but it was a good experience to push through that and get on to my mat.”

Our next challenge may not be until February, but that doesn’t mean you can’t partner with a buddy for your own! Let us know and we’d be happy to send you an encouraging 21 day journal & track your progress. Once you’ve finished, we’ll post a blog with your pic, too!

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