Boutique Item of the Month and Dog Days of Summer Sale

The boutique item for the month of August are mala bead bracelets and necklaces.  Enjoy 15% for the entire month of August on our selection of malas.  (Member, team and student discounts do not stack) Below is a description and history of malas.  

Malas are beads strung together to help a person count prayers and as a device for meditation. The traditional form of the mala comes with 108 beads which is occasionally broken into 4 groups of 27 by 3 additional beads (this is more common with Tibetan Buddhist malas) and almost always are terminated by a larger bead with a tassel which is known as the “guru” bead. The “meru” bead as it is known in Hinduism, is placed there to indicate when the cycle of chants has been completed. Traditionally, when the “meru” bead has been reached, the mala is actually turned around and the counting is reversed across the same beads until the devotee reaches the “meru” bead again, at which time the mala is again turned around. It is considered disrespectful to “cross over” the “guru” bead as it contains all the power and energy created by the chanting and counting of prayers, and also represents one’s teachers or spiritual guides. In the Hindu faith, the middle finger and thumb are the only ones allowed to count the mala, however, they are the only ones with this strict rule.

There are many ways possible to use the malas, and we encourage you to explore the ones which call you the most. The most important things to remember are the intent and love that you have when you are using them. 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 4th and Sunday, August 5th and join us for our Dog Days of Summer Sale.  All full priced items in the boutique will be 15% off and we’ll have a selection of items that will be deeply discounted.   Refreshing libations will be served to help you beat the heat and stay hydrated.  Come see us under the tent and pick up a few items and save some green.  

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