Author Victoria Moran cOMes to TS

Join us on Thursday, September 20 as we host author Victoria Moran for an inspiring workshop and book signing. Her workshop, The Enlightenment Diet: High-Love, High-Green, High-Raw, High-Energy, will be held from 7-8:30pm ($25) with a book signing to follow that is open to the public. Below are all the details and we hope to see you there! Registration opens shortly.

There are many ways to nourish ourselves for health and vitality, but at their core they have in common an affinity for whole foods, as fresh as can be, with a decided bent towards vegetables and fruits. The yogis millennia ago figured out that eating a diet of primarily sattwic, or balancing, foods would not only make people healthier, but would also build a physical vehicle better suited to spiritual growth. It’s all still true today. Join Victoria Moran, HHC, AADP, author of the international bestseller Creating a Charmed Life and the new Main Street Vegan, for a practical intro to eating with the impetus of love behind it, the power of glorious greens, and the energy of fresh foods and juices. You can adapt The Enlightenment Diet to your needs and lifestyle, and come out looking radiant, feeling amazing, and knowing that your physical body is on board for your spiritual journey.

Also, please join her on Wednesday, September 19 at Pigs Animal Sanctuary 20-year Anniversary Cocktail Party as she is the event’s featured speaker. Interested in Pigs Animal Sanctuary? Join Tranquil Space for our signature Yoga, Vegan, and Volunteer event on Sunday, September 16. A few spots left!

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