TS Yogis Meet 6,000 Feet in the Air

Picture taken by Julie Flygare
This past weekend, two Tranquil Space yogis ran the Mt. Washington Road Race in New Hampshire–although neither knew that the other was running it. Crazy enough, the yogis met while making their way towards the summit. The meeting is described below by TSA member Julie Flygare:  
With the summit in view, I noticed a woman who looked familiar… “Fellow TS Yogi?! Couldn’t be…” I thought. But with a few more glimpses, I was about 60% sure I recognized her. So I ran a little faster to catch up with her and tried not to seem too creepy when I asked her if she was from DC? Yes. Arlington? Yes. “OK, you go to TS don’t you?” Yes! It was too funny to be so far from Arlington and meet a fellow yogi, Abigail, 6000 feet in the sky!!

And even more amazingly, they finished right next to each other in the women’s standings. The ladies are pictured below. Congrats to both of you for completing this challenging race!

Potter, below, with her boyfriend, Jonathan Abrams:

Flygare, below, ran the race to honor her late father, who ran the race 40 years ago, in 1972. You can read more about Flygare’s experience of the race on her blog, here.

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