Yogi of the month: Patricia Anderson

I find that the practice of yoga is the same as all of life’s journeys–an opportunity for discovery, learning and growth.  My first experience with Yoga was in a commercial fitness center about a decade ago; the instructor’s ability to twist herself into poses was impressive and intimidating all at once.  I was quickly discouraged but remained curious about this “yoga thing” that so many people seemed to love.  About five years later while in the midst of a career shift, I decided to try vinyasa yoga at my local Y in Brooklyn, NY and was hooked by the challenge of the practice.  Early on, I adopted a “just try it” attitude, pushing myself to try poses that upon first glance I thought, “well, there’s no way my body can do that.”  And the first time I achieved a pose I was convinced I never could (Ardha Chandrasana), that’s when I fell in love with yoga.
As part of the Tranquil Space community for the past three years, I rely on my time on the mat for discovery, learning and growth.  Sometimes the discoveries are small–like remembering something I forgot to do at work, figuring out what to eat for dinner, or what to say in this little blurb.  Sometimes they are big–like uncovering some of the old “tapes” in my mind that still play negative messages–and letting them go.  I’ve learned that yoga is empowering beyond the mind and body, and how to find a yoga studio wherever I travel.  I am grateful to be a part of the Tranquil Space community.  And as for the journey, I’m excited about an upcoming yoga adventure:  Kimberly’s Yoga and Art Retreat in Paris and Provence!

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