Yogi of the Month: Brad Cash

“Centerfold notwithstanding, I was most excited to learn about the cash prize accompanying ‘Yogi of the Month.” Don’t get me wrong; I am delighted and honored to be June’s YogaMate, but the money was…well…way more than I ever could have imagined. So much so, that I am both happy and sad to announce that June will be my last month at TS. I’ve decided to take my winnings, quit my job and head to Italy for grad school.

I came to TS nearly 3 years ago because of the $50 unlimited newbie special, but I stayed for the tea and cookies. Tiersen’s music and the many seas of ohms were also among the highlights. A home away from home, TS has been a wonderful environment in which to deepen my practice, and I am grateful to the teachers and staff who make TS such a welcoming place. You will be missed. So thank you once again for this honor and frankly, outrageous amount of prize money. Namaste.”

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