Teacher Feature: Lauren Dunn

     Favorite part of teaching yoga?  

     Watching students go from stressed out to blissed out by the end of class. Also, all the hugs I get after class. It’s so amazing to see how much joy people obtain just from finding some focus during their asana.
      Where did you grow up?
      Born in Brooklyn, but moved to the NY suburbs when I was young. Every once in a while my NY accent sneaks out when I’m teaching and I cringe a little.
Favorite book?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho literally changed my life. Someone gave it to me at the exact moment that I needed it.
Favorite piece of art?
Any of Degas’ ballerinas.

Favorite movie?

Almost Famous … I always wanted to work for Rolling Stone. I also wanted to be a rock star and/or a groupie.
Favorite food? 
Chocolate Croissants (they make me die – in the best way possible)
Favorite quote?
“The Buddha said, ‘be light’” .. It’s actually something that Pari has been saying since the day I met her (8 years ago!). She used to say it when I would be giggling in the back of her class. Now that I’m teaching, I found myself saying it when I see others giggling. It always brings a smile to my face.
Dream vacation or favorite vacation you’ve ever been on?
Currently, it’s India. I just booked a trip for September. I’ve been planning this for two years.
Favorite yoga pose and why?
Pigeon … It hurts so good. I want to live in that pose.
Favorite album or artist? 
Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie … words do not describe how this album makes me feel. It was the soundtrack to my life for a good three years.

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