Meet a Member: Jon LeBoeuf

What about yoga keeps you coming back?  

The very first time I practiced yoga was when I was living in France. I had broken my pinky toe and could barely walk, and after a week or so, I began to get very frustrated that I had no outlet for my energy – I had been a runner most of my life, so you can imagine how frustrating it was. I worked in the U.S. Embassy in Paris, and a colleague suggested I take the weekly yoga class at the Embassy. I don’t know that I held any opinions about yoga beforehand, so my expectations were pretty open. The class was all women, and the teacher was this adorable older Parisian lady who smoked cigarettes and always wore blue jeans to class. She was hysterical. I fell in love – with her and yoga instantly. When I was returning to the U.S. the next year, I broke the news to her at class that I was leaving the Embassy. She held my hands in hers and told me that I had to promise her that I would continue practicing yoga, that it would chnage my life. I promised her – and yoga has completely changed my life for the better. Jill, another yogi friend of mine, said it the best way: Yoga is life’s secret weapon. Once you start to practice it, you get that. Until you start, you can’t understand it. 
What is a pose that you love?

I love, love, love the jumping back and floating forward.
Your least favorite? 


What do love about DC in the spring? 

The energy coming from everyone excited to be out and about in the warm sunshine; it’s like being in the middle of a litter of puppies!


I’ve never really thought of myself as having hobbies, but I guess yoga is definitely a hobby now ;-) I’m kind of lame I suppose.

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