Awakening the Senses: Sound

Finishing our week of blogs dedicated to the ways in which Tranquil Space awakens the senses, we end with a quote from one of our lovely teachers, Pari Bradlee:

“Yoga for me is art and an expression of beauty, so music is a huge part of healing the soul. I can’t imagine walking into a church and hearing no music. Certain words, mantras, instruments and vibrations wake up dormant parts of the brain. I could not live without music and find that combining music with yoga is magic, along with the right incense and oils. I believe that in a yoga practice all senses should be stimulated so that when you are finished you are more awake, aware and alive. I have suffered a lot of loss in my life and for me the most powerful practices are those where the teacher plays just that perfect song that lifts you up. Sometimes it takes all of my energy just to get to the mat. The music keeps me there. The music heals my soul. The music takes me to another place within myself. I leave every yoga practice a new person.”

Featuring yogini Linda Ann Wilson!

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