Awakening the Senses: Aroma

For today’s installment of the tantilizing ways we offer to arouse the senses, we offer a note from our Founder and Creative Director Kimberly Wilson:

“I have been obsessed with scented everything since I was a little girl – bubble gum, stickers, pencils, fresh crayons – you name it. This has continued into my adult years and you’ll often find me at hOMe with fragrant fresh flowers plus lit candles and nag champa incense and an aromatic cuppa tea. It’s a scented wonderland! Nothing soothes my soul more than the sense of smell.”

As you can tell from the photos or whenever you visit us, Tranquil Space is a reflection of Kimberly’s love of uplifting fragrances. We even  spritz a little lavender water for each student at the end of class. We’re a little in love with yummy smells around here!  



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