$5 Mother’s Day Karma Class

I really like that this month’s Second Sunday charity yoga class falls on Mother’s Day, a day we honor love that connects us to one another and gives us life. This Sunday, from 3:30 to 4:30, Tranquil Space will donate all proceeds of an afternoon yoga class to Woodley House, a DC-based nonprofit that helps people with mental health problems reclaim their lives and reach their personal goals and aspirations. 

Each year, approximately 300 people with mental illness avoid hospitalization because of Woodley House’s programs and services, located in neighborhoods across DC. Again and again, people come to Woodley House experiencing feelings of shame and isolation, and leave with confidence and hope for the future.

At the heart of these stories of transformation lie connections between people. Often, the personal bonds Woodley House consumers develop with each other and with Woodley House staff can mean the difference between relapse and recovery.

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I am very happy to be teaching a yoga class for Woodley House – to honor the power of connections that are at the root of so many of our personal transformations. 

If you can make this Sunday’s class, great! It will be a slow flow, open to yogis of all experience levels. If you can’t make it, you can help by spreading the word about Woodley House. As a volunteer for Woodley House, I know first-hand that on average, Woodley House is reimbursed only 73 cents for every dollar of care it provides. And in order to maintain our highest standards of care, Woodley House must raise of $250,000 annually from private donors. Woodley House has a small group of longstanding, committed donors, but we greatly need to increase awareness of our work in the Washington, DC region.

Some ways you can help:
·         Join us for class on Sunday! Or let friends know about Sunday’s class
·         Read more about Woodley House on our website: www.woodleyhouse.org
·         Follow us on Twitter: @woodleyhousedc
·         Or join our Facebook page


Diane Renzulli, Tranquil Space Instructor

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