Private Yoga Sessions Survey

Have you ever thought about taking a private yoga session? Have you wondered what the benefit of private yoga is versus group yoga? Have you taken private yoga classes and they’ve transformed your yoga practice? If so, I would LOVE to hear from you…..

There are various reasons why individuals decide upon private lessons. Some students who are completely new to the practice opt for a few one-on-one sessions prior to joining a group class. Intermediate students may ask for private sessions to help take their practice to the next level. Advanced practitioners often find it helpful to be reminded of the basics through more focused private asana (poses) and breath-work with an instructor.

In my personal experience, private yoga sessions catapulted my yoga practice both physically (hello, headstand!) and spiritually, in addition to being one of the major confidence boosters to set me on the path of becoming a yoga teacher.

Because of my interest in Private Yoga, Ive decided to study this subject for my Advanced Teacher Training Thesis. In my research of Private Yoga sessions, I plan to study the benefits of private yoga for the student and teacher, the goals of students who decide to take private yoga classes, the needs, skills required by teachers, ethical relationships, community and relationship fostered between student and teacher, and tips for teachers to create a nurturing and growing environment for students.

I would LOVE to hear your insights and thoughts about private Yoga, so If you’re interested, I would be very grateful if you would fill out my Private Yoga Survey for students. I promise it is brief–it’s only 10 questions and is anonymous. To read more about my thesis subject and why I chose it, check out my blog.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses and of course, for your participation. If you’re interested in the subject and would like to attend my presentation, please leave me a comment and I will be sure to add you to the invite list!

Thank you & Namaste,

~ Christine Saladino

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