May muse: Happy 10 years to . . .

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu
Welcome to May at Tranquil Space. We’ve got lots of inspiring classes, workshops, and karma efforts happening this month plus a brand new online scheduling app launching. In addition, I’m over the moon to share that we are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of four senior teachers! Insert claps, whistles, and confetti. The above picture was snapped using a camera with film (old days) exactly ten years ago. My how far we’ve come! 
At this time in the studio’s evolution, I was three years into Tranquil Space, craving a moment off, and ready to add more teachers to share our signature style – full of special touchesVoilà, I carefully crafted a 33-hour teacher training based on all I’d learned to date and offered it up to the cOMmunity. Here enters Anne, Carol, Danielle, and Siobhan. And the rest they say is “herstory.” Below I share a short, sweet story about these four wonderful women and how seeds were planted a decade ago.
Anne: We met while taking a 7 Habits of Effective People workshop at Georgetown University in 1999 and she began taking classes in my living room shortly thereafter. As a former midwife, she became our prenatal guru and launched the program on Saturdays at our church studio location. Since then she’s gone on to get numerous certifications – Ayurveda and massage – plus continuing heaps of yoga trainings (including a 500-hour) while juggling various roles at Tranquil Space.
Carol: We met while I was teaching the daytime yoga classes at Joy of Motion in 2001. That evening I was hosting a Full Moon Retreat and shared it with my class. Carol signed up and soon became a staple at the church. Since then she’s had Sophia, launched our postnatal programming and, recently, family yoga, served as the Teacher Assistant Director for years, and can be found teaching a lot during the week in Dupont.
Danielle: My first recollection is of Danielle in the Creativity Circle circa 2001. She’s allergic to many, many things with cats and scented candles high on the list and . . . I have lots of the above. She would sit by the door surrounded by tissues and share her thoughts. I was smitten. Since then she’s introduced yin to our cOMmunity (big hit!), completed her 500-hour training, and sent numerous belly laughable emails to the team.
Siobhan: We met when she called the studio (aka my home) looking for a class schedule. This was back in the day when we mailed out studio schedules versus offering up a website. She and her partner, Marco, became regulars at the church studio and were among the first Yogis of the Month. Since then she’s had two babies, co-launched Tranquil Space Bethesda, and now oversees the programming and payroll at both studios.
As we prepare for our celebratory weekend in New York City complete with a birthday dinner for Siobhan at Pure, heaps of yoga, an agenda all our own, and an embroidery class at Make (my solo artist date), I’m full of gratitude. These four women have had a beautiful ripple effect on our beloved cOMmunity and their dedication to yoga over the years has been inspiring. Please join me in congratulating these lovely ladies. 

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  1. Rich

    April 30, 2012 at 6:34pm

    Congratulations to 4 fabulous and inspiring individuals!

  2. Kimba

    April 30, 2012 at 7:43pm

    Congratulations to four amazing and inspirational teachers. Thank you for all that you share with the Tranquil Space community!

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