Beautiful Stained Glass

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma Margot, who was an antique dealer. In her shop or at antique shows, I would always see beautiful antique stained glass windows, lamp shades, and mosaic pieces….and from then on part of me REALLY wanted to be an ARTIST of some kind, even if it was only a hobby. I experimented with painting, pottery, playing the flute….oh the list goes on…without the feeling of really doing something well. In 2004, my quest to artistic fulfillment, lead me to a stained glass studio. As a mother’s day gift, I purchased a 6 week stained glass class as a gift for my mom and me, (I inherited a little of the artistic desire from her) so that we could spend quality mother/daughter time. I fell in love with the art of making stained glass pieces.

Stained glass found another love for me. I met my husband at the stained glass studio in 2004 Actually, I met his mother who ‘gently’ forced her son and me to meet by encouraging the stained glass owner to refuse to close out my bill until mysteriously her son arrived. It worked, because we married in 2010!
Stained glass is a process of:
  • Creating/Finding a pattern/design (it’s what the puzzle box looks like)
  • Tracing the design on various pieces of colored glass· Cutting the glass just right (it’s like creating puzzle pieces)
  • Grinding each piece of glass’s edges for a beautiful shape and no pointy edges·
  • Foiling each piece of glass
  • Soldering (yes…very similar to what a plumber does)
  • Final touches (putting into a vintage window frame or making a frame for the final piece)
  • VOILA! ~ final art piece
For some other pictures of stained glass pieces I’ve made, please visit my blog

The piece of work that is featured in the Tranquil Space window is composed of 6 different panels of stained glass fit within a vintage window. I created this piece around 2005 when I lived in Indiana. The vintage window was one that my grandmother had come across in her travels.

– Christine Saladino

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  1. Maria Mendez

    July 26, 2012 at 5:00pm

    I wish I could make stained glass windows, but somehow it seems a little harder than the process you mentioned, haha. Is it really just colored foil over the glass? I thought it was actually some type of staining process similar to pottery work.

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