Yogi of the Month: Tiffany Arthur

I will always remember the day nearly 12 years ago that a yoga instructor named Kimberly Wilson came to my government office to teach a free introductory yoga class. Most of that first class is a blur, but I do recall an eminently likable teacher who got me into my first tree pose*. I signed up for the series, Tuesdays at 4:30 in the Bureau of Labor Statistics fitness center. Kimberly eventually moved on to establish herself at The Church, and I soon followed (once I got over the idea of travelling to Dupont Circle from Capitol Hill). At the time, I never considered what a meaningful step I was taking in my life’s path.

It is a privilege to have watched Tranquil Space blossom from the early days at the church to the respected studio it has become. Witnessing this institution be built, smooth its rough edges, and
flourish provided reassurance at times when I was undertaking new challenges in my own life. In a way, we grew up together. And it remains a metaphor for what any of us can accomplish when we begin at ground level and layer brick on top of brick.

When I walk through the door of Tranquil Space, I am surrounded by richness of community. I hear laughter, yogis greeting one another, people calling each other by name. The unmistakable emphasis on warmth, tolerance, and professionalism at Tranquil Space is a gift. That I have such a place to call home is a blessing.

With gratitude,
Tiffany Arthur

*Tree pose is such a wonderful pose–it both grounds and uplifts, engages the core, and builds confidence. It remains one of my favorite poses, and oddly enough, most mornings I wake up in supine tree (supta vrksasana).

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