Swap Shop and Roll

In the early eve of St. Patty’s Day this month, a group of Arlington yoginis gathered and kindly opened up the underused items from their wardrobes at the first TSA ChariTea Swap. What better evening to come refresh your wardrobe before painting the streets, err, green for the night!

The “chicks only” event invited yogis to bring their wares to be swapped with others, with the remaining items donated to N Street Village. Kelly and I played auctioneers, holding up each article in order to find it a new home — sometimes modeling in jest and sometimes in true vogue fashion. In the spirit of tranquility, articles peaceably found homes. Each yogini walked out with some new wares and some new fashion ideas. Going to a swap and viewing other girls’ ideas on fashion is always eye-opening. I often find myself branching out of my typical style when I can meet the person that once owned an item and get their ideas on how to wear it, and their encouragement. The (lack of a) price tag also helps to fortify one’s fashion bravery.

Last Friday, I went to drop off the remaining bags of clothing to N Street Village and was bombarded by a couple of eager ladies on my way in, their wide-eyes asking, “Are those clothes? For US??”. Indeed they were. Ultimately, while it’s great to relish the new articles I picked up from the swap and new fashion ideas I walked out with (I’m adorned with a cute new lariat necklace today, for example!), it’s also wonderful to know that our contributions were valued by the deserving ladies of N Street Village and My Sister’s Place.

So…any yoginis interested in attending a future swap?? I know Kelly and I are both eager to put another one on the TS calendar, so show your support or interest in another event like this by posting a comment below!


Laura & Kelly

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