Spring Equinox yoga with live sitar

Enjoy a beautiful outdoor flow with Pari and Rob Myers of Thievery Corporation this Thursday, March 22nd from 6:30pm-8:00pm
The night of the new moon is a magical time of beginnings, to recharge goals or set new ones. It’s a power night that can be accessed to change or improve your life. Some astrologers liken these days to ‘wishing days’ in which the correct wish, expressed in the right way has the power to come true. The new moon practice will be one of unblocking whatever is in the way of this wish being manifested and will have different themes bases on what sign the new moon is in. This workshop will begin with some journal writing expressing your wish. If you’re not a journal person, you can choose to visualize it while meditating or a combination of the two, followed by a creative sequencing of poses with the intention of removing obstacles. Don’t miss this most magical practice on a most powerful evening with live Sitar music played by Rob Myers from Thievery Corporation. $50 ($42.50 for Tranquil Space Members).
This workshop will take place on a tennis court in Georgetown at 3018 N St NW, preregistration is required.

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