Engage Your Core: New Series Starts Thursday

Join Kelly, our very own Tranquil Space teacher (also certified in Fuse Pilates) to kick off Spring with a 4-week Core Flow series meeting on Thursdays in March. The series begins Thursday, March 8th.

During this series you will:

  • Enjoy a traditional Open Flow level yoga class while we focus on engaging the core & trying core “variations” of yoga poses!
  • Learn how to engage the core throughout your yoga practice! This includes how to engage the core in each individual pose, how to move “from the core” as you transition from pose to pose, and how to use the breath to engage the core.
  • Focus on alignment – individual adjustments (as always!) will be given throughout and we’ll break things down to ensure proper alignment.
  • Try a few traditional Pilates moves: the Hundreds, Swimming, the Roll Up, Teasers and variations will comprise about 20% of the class. Don’t worry if you’ve disliked Pilates previously, we’ll mix it in cohesively, and you won’t mind it ….
  • Have fun! Classes will be set to upbeat, fun music with a sprinkling of more relaxing music at the beginning and in savasana!
  • Try some arm balances, and inversions, which you will find, are more attainable when core strength and balance are achieved!
  • Ask questions throughout and at the end, meet like minded yogis and feel great!
Dates: March 8, March 15, March 22, March 29
Time: 6:45pm-8:15pm
Cost: $80 for series, members pay $68

Sign up today by
clicking here.

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