You Make Tranquil Space

The people that come through our doors make up the community that we call Tranquil Space. Without you, my day is dull and we cannot bring yoga and mindfulness to D.C. and the world at large. Thank you for choosing us as your place to call your home studio. I hope your choice was based on many factors. Maybe you felt welcomed and a part of something larger.

We take customer service seriously at Tranquil Space. It is something that sets us apart and we are continually tweaking how we can do a better job. I’ve had the pleasure to greet many people over the past four years. It brings me great pleasure to take a few minutes to chat, laugh and answer questions. Instead of highlighting a new product this time around, I thought it would be nice to shine a light on what motivates me to come into work everyday.

Our staff is an important piece to making the train that is Tranquil Space run smoothly. They keep the mood of the studio light and fun, all the while serving as ambassadors of Tranquil Space. Thank you to all the front desk staff, teachers, assistants and everyone on the team. You help create the Tranquil Space experience that is presented everyday. I’d like to give a special shout out to Patricia Cervini and Julia Coney for helping me keep an eye out for new products that fit the boutique vibe.

I captured a few moments with our staff and yogis. It’s just a sampling of the faces we have come to meet and love. Please keep us smiling and suggest ways to better serve you.

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