Yogi of the Month: Kimberley Porteous

Tranquil Space came into my life right when I needed it most. I took my first class on my third day in DC, the day I also learned the job at a journalism non-profit I had left Sydney for had disappeared. Hot tears of self-pity slid down my cheeks during centering; who was I without my career? Yet by the time I closed my eyes in savasana a lot of the emotions had burned away, to be replaced with a sense of equilibrium and acceptance.

Gradually this feeling began stretching out to fill all of the spaces between time spent on the mat, and Tranquil Space helped me surmount a life transition as it had for so many newcomers to DC before me. For Sara and Marq at the front desk knowing my name when nobody else in the city did, and for the nurturing, heart-opening classes with outstandingly talented teachers like Carol, Kimberly, Kevin, Pari, Siobhan, Danielle and Mary Catherine, I am so grateful. Tranquil Space helps us all find our natural state of bliss. Thank you and namaste!

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