Team Player of the Month: Claire Peters

I first dabbled in yoga, and was introduced to lovely lavender aromatherapy spray, at Tranquil Space when it was located on P Street. I did not keep up a regular practice, but TS remained on the periphery of my life as several of my friends worked and practiced at the studio when it opened in Arlington and graciously shared some workstudy credits with me on occasion. At the end of 2010 I knew a position was opening on Tuesday nights and I decided it was time for me to make yoga a more regular part of my life. I have been so glad that Mary Catherine brought me on board and so grateful for the time I have spent as part of the TS cOMmunity since then. Yoga helps me stay grounded and is a welcome way to relax and recharge after a day at my very rewarding, but at times stressful, job at Washington-Lee High School. I love my Tuesday night regulars and semi-regulars at TSA, they are a group of fabulous and strong people. Most recently, I have enjoyed taking new classes at new times as I have worked to complete the January 21-day challenge. When I’m not working or doing yoga I love spending time with my husband, Dave, my step-daughter, Kaela, and my dog, Bandit. I also like playing soccer and reading design blogs.

Thanks to Mary Catherine, Jodi, and everyone at TSA for being such an amazing group of individuals and for making it such a great place to spend time!

One thought on “Team Player of the Month: Claire Peters

  1. Maggie

    February 1, 2012 at 10:05pm

    I <3 Tuesdays at TSA too!

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