Teacher Feature: Angelyn Shapiro

Tranquil Space (re)introduced me to myself.

I grew up in a loving family in Omaha, Nebraska; navigated my way through studies in New York, Nashville, Greece, and London; and dropped into DC in August of 2000 for what I believed would be a few months of “experience.” After a few years, I was working my way up the professional ladder in a career I enjoyed, had married the man of my dreams, found a loving and supportive church community, trained for and excelled at marathon running, and started a catering business with my husband in my “free time.”

I had a full life, but I wasn’t living fully. And I was exhausted.

Fortunately/unfortunately, a knee injury robbed me of the ability to run – and with it, no small measure of sanity. The seemingly insignificant disruption in my routine unearthed staggering insecurities and terrifying self-doubt. Forced against my will to slow down, I began to explore a budding interest in yoga, which led me to the teacher training program at Tranquil Space. The rest, as they say, is history.

The time I invested in the weekend trainings and on the mat helped me rediscover the simple joy of movement for its own sake and moments – however fleeting – in which I could set aside the stress of the day and simply be. In taking the seat of a teacher, I was reconnected with the long-forgotten delight of creativity and blessed by the pure joy of helping others through their own journeys of self-(re)discovery.

My journey as a yogi and teacher continues to evolve, but I am overjoyed to be part of the Tranquil Space teaching team and grateful for the opportunity to give back to a community that has been such a place of healing, growth, and transformation for me.

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