Jane Bahneman is Back at Tranquil Space!

We are thrilled to have Jane join us this weekend for two inspiring workshops

“Everything about Jane’s classes is intentional; from her on point cues, to music selection, to strategic sequencing. Her amazing ability to make you feel as if she created the practice just for you is something every yogi should get to experience” – Jessie Hrivnak

Owning Your Edge
Friday, February 17th from 7-9pm

Have you ever wondered about the practicality or ‘usefulness’ of your yoga practice? What does it really mean to ‘embody’ your yoga? This workshop strips away all the clichés and gets right down to it: asana exploration is a tool like no other.
$35, members pay $29.75.

Tricks for Twists and Bendier Backbends
Saturday February 18th from 3-5:30pm

Twists and backbends produce amazing results in the body- a sense of renewal and an increase in energy! But when the upper body rhythm is “off”, deepening into these postures gets fuzzy and frustrating for a yogi. Come and explore ‘tricks’ designed sweeten the shoulders and soften the spine for ultimate bliss in backbends and twists. Partnering movement science and energetic awareness, this powerful workshop simply ignites what is already yours!
$45, members pay $38.25

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