Get Bendy and Get Beautiful

We have two amazing workshops this weekend that we know you are going to LOVE!

Beauty from the Inside Out with Alexis Pokorny
Saturday, March 3rd from 2pm-3:30pm

Ever wonder how what you eat impacts your skin, hair, and nails? Join holistic health coach, Alexis, for this informative workshop on how to build a diet builds beauty from the inside out. Alexis will share how to use natural products for beauty and provide effective
DIY recipes for beauty.

Yoga for the Not-So-Bendy with Hilary Wentz
Sunday, March 4th from 12pm-2pm

Hips and hamstrings feeling a bit snug? Wonder how you can gently open your body for more bliss and athletic endurance? Join Hilary, a holistic health counselor and tranquil space teacher, for a workshop that explores yoga as a cross training method for decreasing injuries, as well as increasing strength and flexibility. You will learn poses that can be incorporated as a warmup, cooldown, or home yoga practice

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