From the Teacher: Jane Bahneman

Through the years when I have mentioned that I am a ‘yoga teacher’, I get the same questions again and again. In fact, just this last weekend over dinner with some old friends, a few of the guys bantered back and forth with how they “need to try yoga” and that they are “curious about yoga but just don’t know where to start”.

I was then asked, point blank, “So, what can yoga do for ME?” I smiled, took a deep breath, and answered the question from my heart.

My 7:00-9:00pm Friday evening workshop “Owning Your Edge” strips away yogic clichés and gets right on down to the practicality of a regular practice. It guides students, new and experienced alike, towards what it means to embody the practice and to make it meaningful in their own lives – both and off the yoga mat in a way that makes sense. It is the ‘Realist’s Guide to Yoga’ – a great place for first timers seeking to satisfy their curiosity as well as for those with a committed practice who are ready to deepen the personal connection. We will practice vinyasa yoga and have an interactive discussion – you will leave with points to ponder and perhaps a shift in perspective.

On Saturday afternoon join me for “Tricks for Twists and Bendier Backbends”! So many yoga practitioners have a strong love-hate relationship with these poses. The stickiness we feel physically in these poses has a true anatomical connection – but the energetic component is equally as impactful. Deepening safely into these postures feels amazingly good physically but the journey there can be incredibly frustrating! Together we will work to unravel the mysteries behind twisting and backbending! Join me from 3:00-5:30pm for an interactive workshop and a yoga practice.

I teach workshops the way I have preferred to experience them throughout my years. My goal is to connect with each participant and make the content meaningful for them and their practice. This is accomplished through making yoga ‘real’, by using a variety of experiential learning tools, and with a little fun and a lot of laughter! If you want to know more about me, please feel free to visit

I am truly excited to be back up in DC and at Tranquil Space once again. I hope to see you in one of my workshops!

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