TSA Babies and Preparing for a Tranquil Birth…

Have you ever seen two more adorable and tranquil yogis? Meet two of our newest TSA students–practicing sphinx pose and enjoying each others company at Baby + Me last week.
Want to join them? We have a weekly Baby + Me class with Katie Kerstetter at 10:00am on Fridays at Tranquil Space Arlington. Parents, grandparents, caretakers, or and/friends + babies ages 0-6 months are welcome.

Similarly, if you’re expecting, join Barbara Jazzo at TSA for our “Preparing for a Tranquil Birth” workshop THIS Saturday, 1/28, from 5-7pm.

The workshop description is below:

Come and learn how to prepare for labor and childbirth in a calm and peaceful way. We will discuss fundamental information about the labor and childbirth process, including birthing positions and coping strategies. We will then explore how various components of our yoga practice, postures, breath, and meditation can ease the birthing process. Through hands-on partner activities, we will practice additional comfort measures and also learn how to support a woman with epidural analgesia. This is ideal for women and their partners or support persons.

Barbara Jazzo will be teaching this class. She is a prenatal massage therapist and a certified childbirth educator (she currently teaches for George Washington and Georgetown Hospitals) and a long time meditator and yoga practitioner.

We hope to see you at one of these upcoming offerings!

You can sign up online here.


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