Yogi of the Month: Emily Gilcher

Yoga has been an incredible gift to me. I started practicing three years ago this January and I have kept coming back to the mat ever since. It is hard to say everything I have gotten from my practice because the transformations have been so numerous, but here are a few ways this practice has helped me on and off the mat: I have learned how breathing can change my whole body and mind in a moment, I have learned that balance is a dynamic experience, I have learned that I can move into and release tightness one breath at a time, I have learned that my body is beautiful, I have learned that I am powerful, I have been reminded that I am part of nature, and I have learned that Krishna Das is a perfectly acceptable and pleasurable CD to listen to on my commute.

As an acupuncturist (www.emilygilcheracupuncture.com), my work (which I feel so deeply privileged to do) is to help people move more deeply into their bodies and reconnect with their body’s wisdom. With yoga, I know that I have been able to take this work to a deeper and more powerful place for my clients in all stages of their healing, and that is because through my own treatments (acupuncture AND yoga), I now know my own ability to heal and transform.

Thank you Tranquil Space, especially Jodi, Mary Catherine, Diane, Todd, Colleen and Katie, and all the teachers and staff who make it all come together seamlessly (including my dear cousin, Megan)! It is a pleasure to be a part of this community of kindness, gentleness, and joy. You are deeply embedded in my life.

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